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Environmental prize winner

Good news from the Ministry for the Environment: Studierendenwerk Trier is one of the three 2012 environmental prize winners in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

In her speech, environment minister Ulrike Höfken praised the broad scope of the Trier application for the environmental prize:
"The environmental philosophy of Studiwerk involves numerous individual measures that primarily represent concrete environmentally-friendly acts (e.g. energy savings) and, in turn, are (almost) always accompanied by ambitious environmental communication or education.

A few examples of this are:

  • Green “stop” signs in a total of more than 1500 Studiwerk apartments to raise residents' awareness of the issue of conservation of resources.
  • Alongside improving the energy efficiency of buildings, replacement of more than 800 toilet tanks and 900 shower heads resulting in a 45% water saving, 25% heating saving and 20% electricity saving.
  • Façade-mounted solar panels at the Petrisberg residence under the state-supported project “solar und sozial" together with Caritas Werkstätten Trier – as nice to look at as they are effective and environmentally-friendly.
  • Upgrading of the outdoor areas of the residences with insect houses, bat boxes, natural grassy areas (=nice to look at) and outdoor furniture (=resident request from the first satisfaction study in 2008)
  • Annual day excursion ("To-the-roots tour") to the regional suppliers of the Trier refectories with national media coverage (Zeit online)
  • Commercial kitchen visit ("Refectory backstage tour – 30 kilometres of spaghetti in 3 hours") with LA 21 as part of the “Trierer Zukunftsdiplom” education programme.
  • Quality standards of the Trier catering companies: eggs from uncaged hens, primarily regional products (with regular regional campaign weeks in the refectories), fish from sustainable fisheries, vegan option at all times, organic bananas from a fair trade shop, fair trade organic coffee (own brand “caffè correct”) from a regional roasting house, glutamate-free sausage from environmental prize winner 2011 Hofgut Serrig, overall: poster and free card series
Overall, the aim is to bring ideology-free, motivational and exemplarily environmentally-friendly conduct closer to students – as the decision-makers of tomorrow – and to communicate the concrete benefits of this as a personal experience."

In his short speech, Managing director Andreas Wagner accepted the prize on behalf of his company and thanked the staff and numerous suppliers and business partners who play a considerable role in the Studierendenwerk's prize-worthy environmental performance.

Keynote speaker Sven Giegold (Green member of the EU parliament) expressly praised Studiwerk's (double) strategy – namely technical optimisation combined with environmental communication and education – and, based on personal experience, highlighted the quality of the vegetarian options in the Trier refectory.


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