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Tutors – promoting integration of foreign students

At all of Studiwerk's residences, female or male tutors voluntarily take care of assisting with the integration of foreign students:

New foreign residents in particular

  • are given special assistance with the necessary bureaucratic processes, such as registering in the city, opening an account, etc.,
  • are given a tour of the residence to find out all there is to know about the communal rooms for washing, fitness, parties, how waste disposal works in Germany, how to contact the janitor and much more,
  • get information on shops, nearby doctors and pharmacies,
  • have a contact person to help with the worries and stresses that can come with a change in culture.

For all home and foreign residents

  • the tutors organise parties, tours, walks, excursions, cooking and games evenings and thereby provide opportunities

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Foto: Gisela Keil.

Gisela Keil

Mitarbeiterin im Servicepoint Schneidershof & Tutorium, Internationales, Semesterticket, KfW-Studienkredit
Phone: 0651 / 8103 - 544